As a clinician, I provide culturally relevant, strength-based interventions while utilizing an eclectic approach. The clinical interventions that I provide are primarily by incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy and solution focused therapy, through a trauma-informed lens.

 As a life coach, I continue to provide culturally relevant coaching interventions, also from a strength-based perspective. I will help you identify goals, find solutions to issues impeding your personal or professional progress. For mental health clinicians, I can also help you identify your niche.

 I support all of my clients with individualized approaches while providing accountability, caring, honesty, and realness. Something that I view as an invaluable necessity, no matter what population I am serving, is self-care. A foundational belief that I hold is that self-care is an ethical mandate for anyone in the helping professions, even more so for people of color.

An easy answer is that Therapy includes healing and resolving issues from the past; while Coaching involves making goals and plans for the future.

Therapy usually focuses on trauma recovery, support with depression, anxiety, identifying patterns of self-sabotage, coping with grief and loss, working through relationship/family issues, as well as other issues impeding healthy functioning. Healing is the primary goal with therapy.

Coaching is more focused on identifying solutions for a work /life balance, identifying your niche, creating personal and professional objectives. Goal setting and attainment is the primary goal with coaching.

I define Soul Care For Black Clinicians® as bringing healing to your soul. As healers, specifically black healers, we have a responsibility to ourselves, our clients and our loved ones to ensure that our souls are healthy, lively and thriving. We take in and process a lot personally and professionally. We often just “keep it moving” without addressing the pulls on our soul. No more! We matter! We heal the souls of others, and we too are worthy of healing!

I am currently only licensed in California. Therefore, I am only permitted to provide therapy services to California residents

Yes, I do support clinicians (and other entrepreneurs) in various states with niche development.

I meet with all coaching clients via phone, whether they live in California or not.

Yes, we can establish a method of support that will be helpful for your individualized situation. If you are permanently moving outside of California, I can support you with your transition, but cannot continue therapy.

I get it! I understand that folks can be embarrassed with talking with someone about some very deep issues. I am able to provide you with a safe environment to share your situations. All sessions are provided with care, concern, and confidentiality. I am truly here to serve you, offer support and will not provide any judgment.

Whether you are well-known or not, your identity or any identifying information will never be shared. Confidentiality is a basic tenet in therapy. I value the trust and privacy of my clients greatly. If you would prefer specific restrictions that you feel would increase your anonymity, please call me so that we can create an individualized plan just for you!

It is always best practice for there never to be any duality in therapeutic relationships. It is mandatory to keep boundaries clear. If you have been my therapy client and now require coaching, I will refer you to another qualified coach, and vice versa.  

As your therapist, I am humbled to partner with you in your healing. I do not make any guarantees about results. However, I definitely believe that all people have the capacity to change and I will support you in doing so.

Although I have a long history of providing therapy to children, adolescents and their families, I no longer provide direct services to anyone under the age of 18. However, I do provide consultation to parents about parenting, their child’s behavioral issues and mental health.

It is difficult to calculate ahead of time how long you will be in therapy. There are variations for every person. Some folks have issues deeper than others, this may take a longer time. Some folks just have one specific situation that could require brief therapy. In addition, some folks believe it is just one specific situation, but in therapy discover that their issues are much deeper than they initially understood. This may also require more time. We will discuss your needs, establish a treatment plan, and monitor your progress. It is my goal for you to improve your functioning and exit treatment as soon as you are ready.

I have a 48-hour cancellation policy. As long as clients call / email within 48 hours in advance, there is no charge. Each client who cancels within 48 hours, can have their prepaid session used towards a future session. There will be no refunds for canceled sessions. I do understand that life happens, schedules change, folks get sick, emergencies happen, etc.

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